Areas of expertise

We are a forensic accounting and fraud investigation firm that specializes in organizing and analyzing complex financial data and other relevant information.
We provide results in accurate, timely summaries and reports.


Uncovering the full spectrum
of criminal activity is paramount.

Litigation Support

Make the most of your investigation
and examination efforts.


We have institutional knowledge of
the policies of procedures of the IRS.


When trust has been broken, protect
yourself and your interests.


Understand the areas of misconduct
and how to respond.


Declining health can leave aging seniors
vulnerable to financial exploitation.

Why choose FFS?

The FFS team has 59 years of combined experience working financial
investigations for the United States federal government.

FFS applies their federal training and expertise to help their clients navigate the complex world of financial fraud.
Only FFS provides investigative services of this caliber to the private sector.

Krista Shelton

Kenneth Klingenberg

Kyli Gardiner

Get Answers.

When fraud is suspected, not knowing the truth is unsettling. The process of investigating financial crime can be overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting. We help our clients uncover the facts, make sense of the details, and find closure.