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About FFS

The FFS team has 59 years of combined experience working financial investigations for the United States federal government.

Krista Shelton

Prior to forming FFS, Krista Shelton served as a Special Agent with the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation for nearly 10 years, where she investigated potential violations of the Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes, including money laundering and violations of the Bank Secrecy Act.

As a Special Agent, Krista examined and analyzed vast amounts of complex financial data from diverse domestic and international sources. She has conducted numerous witness and subject interviews and participated in surveillance, undercover operations, execution of warrants, searches for physical and digital evidence, and seizures of contraband and assets obtained from illicit activities. Her roles also included preparing workpapers and reports to document evidence and identify applicable laws. Krista made prosecution recommendations to the United States Attorney’s Office and to the Department of Justice—Tax Division, assisted in preparing cases for trial, and testified as a Government witness.

Krista also led a financial crimes task force responsible for evaluating confidential reports filed by financial institutions. The task force included representatives from numerous local, state, and federal regulatory and law enforcement agencies. As part of her duties, Krista also trained members of this task force on reviewing financial records and conducting financial investigations.

From 2016 to 2019, Krista was a member of the planning committee for the Midwest Anti-Money Laundering Conference held at the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City, Missouri. She shared responsibility for developing the agenda, securing speakers, and inviting approximately 200 bankers and 30 law enforcement attendees. Krista appeared on multiple panels that discussed the financial crimes task force and co-presented, with an Assistant United States Attorney, an investigation and prosecution on which the two of them worked together.

Prior to becoming a Special Agent, Krista served as an Internal Revenue Agent in the Small Business/Self-Employed Division of the Internal Revenue Service. As a Revenue Agent, she conducted independent examinations and related investigations of Federal Income Tax Returns that covered individual and small business taxpayers. Krista identified issues based on large, unusual, or questionable items which produced significant tax or compliance effect and utilized the facts and appropriate tax law to resolve them. She applied the Internal Revenue Code, regulations, rulings, court decisions, and agency policies and conducted extensive research on legal questions.  Krista interacted with taxpayers, tax attorneys, and Certified Public Accountants and explained the accounting and other issues involved in the applicability of pertinent tax laws and regulations.

Krista has been an active member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) and the Beverly Shelton Girls Town Club for seven years. GFWC is an international women’s organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. In June 2020, Krista was elected Treasurer for the 2nd District of GFWC of Missouri.

Tasha Puckett

As a visionary leader with excellent management skills and a knack for directing company operations in growth minded directions, Tasha has been excelling in her career for years. Always striving to be the best out there, she advanced in positions with pure intentions to grow not only personally but the businesses themselves.

Prior to her position at Focused Forensic Solutions, Tasha worked as a Surgical Coordinator in a Dermatology office where she efficiently improved the process of patients receiving results and treatment by 75% in the 1st year of her employment. Tasha also worked to receive her Personal Training License as well as her Nutrition Coach Certification as a passionate hobby, while she greatly enjoys helping her clients through their health and fitness journeys, she felt the desire to achieve more and further grow in her skills.

Kenneth Klingenberg

Kenneth Klingenberg is a retired Special Agent.  He as spent 31 years with the Internal Revenue Service, 20 years as a Special Agent with the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation.  During his 20 years with IRS-CI, Kenneth conducted criminal investigations involving tax fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, wire fraud, mail fraud, and other tax related financial crimes.  Kenneth utilized witness interviews, financial records, and other investigative techniques to gather evidence associated with potential criminal violations.  After gathering evidence, Kenneth prepared detailed prosecution reports which were successfully utilized by the United States Attorney’s Office to prosecute a significant number of defendants.  Kenneth worked with the United States Attorney’s Office preparing for several trials and served as a government witness on multiple occasions.  Kenneth was recognized by both the District of Kansas and Western District of Missouri U.S. Attorney’s Offices for outstanding performance.  Kenneth also assisted in the prosecution of the largest tax case presented in the Western District of Missouri.

Prior to his position as a Special Agent, Kenneth spent 7 years as a Revenue Agent with the Internal Revenue Service.  As a Revenue Agent, Kenneth conducted examinations of individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations.  Kenneth utilized interviews, bank records, and other financial records to determine the correct tax liability of taxpayers.  If taxpayers disagreed with the findings, he would prepare written legal arguments using the Internal Revenue Code, IRS Regulations, Case Law, and Revenue Rulings to substantiate the determination of tax.

In addition to his work at the Internal Revenue Service, Kenneth is also a retired Army First Sergeant.  Kenneth served 21 years in the U.S. Army, including five years on active duty.  Kenneth spent a large portion of his service time as a leader, supervising soldiers.  His increased leadership positions culminated as the unit’s First Sergeant, responsible for the training and welfare of over 75 soldiers.

Kenneth is a graduate of Missouri Western State University with a BSBA, majoring in accounting.  Kenneth also has a degree in Public Administration from the University of Kansas.

Kyli Gardiner

Prior to joining FFS, Kyli Gardiner served as a Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent with the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation for 15 years, where she investigated potential violations of the Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes, including money laundering and violations of the Bank Secrecy Act.

Most recently, Kyli was the Supervisory Academy Instructor at the National Criminal Investigation Training Academy. She was tasked with developing course material to meet the Strategic Plan and the related Annual Business Plan. As the supervisor for course development at the training center, Kyli created and delivered course material, lesson plans, and practical exercises to basic, advanced, and international law enforcement officials, ensuring the material was up to date with current policies, program requirements, and emerging trends. She developed course material which she later delivered to the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) and the Canada Department of Revenue. Kyli was a lead instructor at the International Law Enforcement Academy in Budapest, Hungary delivering money laundering and financial investigation courses to attorneys, judges, and law enforcement officials from several different countries.

Kyli led the team that developed the new hiring process for IRS- Criminal Investigation and received the Chief’s Award for leading this effort. She was a member of the Chief’s Advisory Council.

As the Supervisory Special Agent in Austin, Texas, Kyli assigned criminal casework to Special Agents, with consideration given to the difficulty, venue, and requirements of the assignment. She reviewed Special Agent Reports, search and seizure warrant affidavits, operational plans for search and arrest warrants, contingency plans, direct referral prosecution memos, and criminal complaints. She also led a task force consisting of federal and state law enforcement officers from Waco, Irving, Austin and Dallas, Texas, brought together to investigate and prosecute drug trafficking organizations.

As a Special Agent, she successfully conducted administrative and international grand jury investigations with varying levels of complexity, utilizing both direct and indirect methods of proof. She coordinated and led multi-agency efforts to investigate violations of the Internal Revenue Code and other financial crimes. She prepared prosecution reports for the United States Attorney’s Office, and the Department of Justice-Tax Division. Kyli has testified in multiple grand jury proceedings and as a government witness at trial.

Kyli was awarded the Guardian of Justice award by the United States Attorney’s Office, for her work in a criminal investigation and has received numerous performance awards from IRS-Criminal Investigation.

Kyli grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, and looks forward to working in her hometown again and volunteering with the Special Olympics of Kansas.

Maggie Marriott

Prior to joining FFS, Maggie worked at Northwest Missouri Regional Credit Union and held the position of a collections officer and a loan officer along with fulfilling various other responsibilities, for 16 years. She actively contributed to safeguarding the credit union’s financial integrity by serving as a primary point of contact in preventing fraudulent activities, scams, and other illicit financial practices.

Maggie gained experience in the finance and retail sectors by working as an assistant office manager at Norman’s IGA, in Nebraska City, NE and a teller at TierOne Bank, also in Nebraska City. Maggie first joined the Northwest Missouri Regional Credit Union in 2001 as a teller. Maggie possesses over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, where she has received comprehensive training in various areas, including the Bank Secrecy Act, Currency Transaction Reports, Suspicious Activity Reports, as well as expertise in fraud detection and prevention.

Maggie graduated with the highest honors in 2006 from Peru State College, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Management. Additionally, she served as the secretary for Alpha Chi, the esteemed National College Honor Society at Peru State College, during the same year. From 2001 to 2003, Maggie pursued her education at Northwest Missouri State University, where she actively participated as a member of the Epsilon Rho chapter of Delta Zeta.

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